Why Fashion Loves Big, Chunky Shoes: Lug Loafers, Boots

In recent years, this has culminated in my footwear. In 2019, while at Ganni in Stockholm, I spotted a pair of black, lug-soled sport loafers. The fact that they were chunky, heavy, and bound to give me shin splints were all part of their allure. The shoes, now sold-out, weren’t crafted out of satin, like something out of Carrie Bradshaw’s unrealistically large West Village closet, nor were they designed to make my butt look good in jeans. (In actuality, they probably made my butt look worse, not that I care.) I stomped around in them for months, wearing them to work, dinners, and bars with actual people in them. I rented a Totême blazer month after month on Rent The Runwayjust to wear with my chunky shoes

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