What To Wear To A Casual Wedding: Dresses, Outfit Ideas

The pandemic has put an end to a lot of things — including events with formal dress codes. No more wedding invitations embossed with “Black Tie” or panic trips to a department store to find something fancy enough for a dressy event. These days, when we do have to get dressed for an occasion (it’s rare, but it happens), it’s almost always going to be casual. And that includes weddings, too. If you’re lucky enough to make the cut for a wedding in 2020 — wedding ceremonies are obviously smaller right now due to social distance protocols — or be invited to watch it over Zoom, you can expect that the dress code will be pretty low-key. No silky LBDS, uncomfortable heels, or stiff tuxes required. Instead, for a casual wedding, guests can experiment a bit, perhaps opting for a short suit instead of a cocktail dress, or a monochrome set rather than a traditional gown. Hell, depending on the bride’s level of chill, you might even get away with wearing sneakers.

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