Twitter Critics Post Jan. 6 Photo Of Terrified GOP Rep Now Handing Out Assault Rifle Pins

In the photo, Clyde — a look of utter terror on his face — cowers behind a Capitol officer pointing a gun at the door of the House chambers prepared for the insurrectionists to burst in after they stormed the Capitol on Jan, 6, 2021.

Clyde has been raked by Democrats and others after distributing the lapel pins of rifles to Republican lawmakers in the House.

Clyde, the owner of a major Georgia gun retailer who profits from gun use, quipped in a tweet that he had “triggered” Democrats” with his pins extolling assault rifles, which he wears. He said they’re intended to express support for the Second Amendment.

That drew out a flood of photos on Twitter of the terrified Clyde on Jan. 6, with one critic mocking: “Were you triggered here?”

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