This $26 Set of Cooling Pillows Has 127,000+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews

Wondering what actual Amazon shoppers think? Check out the following reviews. 

“My boyfriend, who is the pickiest man I know, has rated this pillow a 10 out of 10, which says a lot considering he’d find a flaw in just about any product. The pillow holds its shape and supports your head while being soft and comfy. At night, I roll around about as much as a pig in mud and this pillow works in every position. I have also noticed I sleep much better throughout the night. I am usually up by 8:30 on the weekends but the first night I slept with this, I was dead to the world until 10 a.m.! I thought the clock was wrong for sure, but no, just a damn good pillow.”

“Great pillows! I am super picky and have bought so many different pillows and given them away. But so far, these are an absolute keeper!”

“So comfortable! So happy I ordered these pillows! They are the perfect combo of soft and firm. I have been sleeping better and waking with less soreness in my neck. I was previously sleeping with a memory foam pillow that was just way too firm. This is so much better! Please note that these pillows come flat in a vacuum-sealed bag. They puff up nicely when you take them out. Also, no mold problem. They arrived crisp and clean.”

“Better than my $200 pillow! These pillows offer support, but yet still feel soft and comfy without losing their shape while you sleep. I’m mostly a back sleeper but often turn on to my side. These pillows offer great support in both sleeping positions, and they don’t get hot while I sleep! I’m very pleased with these and highly recommend them!”

“Best hotel-like pillows. I had been using some gel memory foam pillows from Costco that were good but too firm. At first these pillows seemed be on the softer side but after they plumped up, they felt great to sleep on. They have just enough support and feel like hotel pillows. Only time will tell if they stay firm but so far they feel like heaven to sleep on. Highly recommend.”

“Forget Casper, these pillows are the best I ever had. Fluffy and cool, they are super comfy and offer just the right support.”

“The crack of pillows! The first night they arrived I used one and didn’t tell my husband about the other. I literally hit the pillow and was out before our newest addition was asleep. Apparently I slept so good that night that I didn’t hear the baby crying or hear my husband up with her. He thought I had died in my sleep so he grabs me to try to wake me. He claims I gave him a look of death and was out again. I slept until 11 a.m. the following morning. Ashamed I slept so long I had to explain myself. The next night he got to test the pillow. Needless to say, five nights later I no longer toss and turn. Hands down the best pillow!”

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