The Bachelorette’s Michelle Young Gets Engaged: Meet Her Fiancé

Then, it was Nayte’s turn. Before getting down on one knee, he expressed his feelings for Michelle.

“The very first night I met you, I knew right then and there that we had a connection that I wanted to hold onto,” he started. “The second night that we were together, we talked about running away together. And I’m standing in front of you right now, and the feelings are the same. I want to run away with you. I want to run away to forever with the woman that I’ve come to love.”

He continued, “Through this journey, you’ve shared a lot of vulnerable sides of your past, and I know that you’ve felt unseen at times, and I want to let you know that I am completely prepared, willing and ready to make sure that you are always chosen first, seen, now, today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives… I love you, Michelle.”


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