Rep. Murphy to Newsmax: Biden Controlled Under ‘Puppeteer Presidency’

President Joe Biden is involved in a “puppeteer presidency” and is not making decisions on whether he’s seeking reelection in 2024, Rep. Greg Murphy said on Newsmax Tuesday. 

The North Carolina Republican told Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now” that he thinks people like Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., former President Barack Obama, or “some other people in the administration” are making the decisions and Biden is “just reading on the teleprompter.”

But if Biden does decide to run again, that would be the “best thing for Republicans,” said Murphy. 

“Look at his disastrous approval rating right now,” said Murphy. “We have three more years of this and he’s torn this nation apart in the 11 months preceding.”

And now, with the oil prices climbing, Biden has announced he’ll release oil from the nation’s reserves, “which are only meant for emergencies, not to try to help your approval rating,” Murphy said. 

“If he does [run] it’ll be a sad day for America, and Republicans will resoundingly defeat him at that point in time,” said Murphy. “I think there’s obviously a lot of voter regret from what happened in 2020.”

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party is not the same as it’s been historically, said Murphy. Instead, he said, progressive “loudmouths” like Reps. Rashida Tlaib or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “scream, but don’t have any cognitive ability to actually put a rational policy in place.”

But as Democrats fight among themselves and “let the crazies” rule, the American people are waking up to what is happening. 

“People are finally seeing through the nonsense and the screaming through the bigotry and all the other things that the progressives are pushing,” said Murphy. “The sad thing is, we do have three more years of this nonsense. Hopefully, there is just a year in the House and the Senate, and we can stop some of the insanity that the Biden puppeteers are pushing.”

Democrats also played a “deceptive shell game” to get their Build Back Better bill passed, but that’s what they’ve done since the beginning of the Biden administration, setting out to “lie to the American people.”

“They brought the cost down of this big reconciliation bill only by changing the terms,” he said. “They didn’t cut any of the 150 new federal programs that are going into this government. Hopefully, when it goes on to the Senate it’s dead on arrival…I think those people have woken up and seen that the America that this party the Democratic Party is creating is not the America that they want for themselves or their children.”

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