Rep. Matt Rosendale to Newsmax: Biden Administration ‘Ill-Prepared’ for Baby Formula Crisis

Rep Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., told Newsmax Friday that the administration of President Joe Biden is ill-prepared to deal with the current shortage of baby formula in the nation.

“They’re not ‘on it,'” Rosendale said during “American Agenda” Friday. “They weren’t prepared for this.”

The New York Times reported Friday that more than 40% of baby formulas are out of stock in stores around the nation following pandemic supply chain issues and the closing of a major factory in February due to unsafe formula that may have killed at least one infant.

The tainted powdered formula came from Abbot Nutrition’s Sturgis, Michigan facility in February, according to the federal Food and Drug Administration, and was voluntarily recalled by the company.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday the administration has been working on the problem for months since the plant closed in February.

“President Biden has directed the administration to work urgently to ensure that infant formula is safe and available for families across the country during the Abbott Nutrition voluntary recall,” Psaki said during Thursday’s press briefing. “This has been — this is work that’s been underway for months.”

Rosendale said the administration should move faster to get the Michigan plant reopened and back online producing the needed formulas.

“We’ve got a facility up in Sturgis, Michigan, that you all have been talking about that has been shut down. It’s been shut down for three months,” Rosendale said. “Exactly how long is it going to take the federal inspectors to go through there and identify what the problem is, clean it up, and get the facility opened back up again making baby formula to take care of the children across the United States? I guess some people are asking the question. Why is there no warp speed to take care of this? Because if you’re a parent who needs formula, that’s not going to wait. It’s not going to wait.”

Psaki has said that Biden is communicating with other manufacturers to spin up production, as well as talking with retailers like Walmart and Target about the issue.


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