People Are Freaking Out and Passing Out in New Bachelor Promo

Matt James is having quite the effect on his Bachelor contestants. 

In a new promo, exclusive to E! News, the new Bachelor is taking off his shirt and making out with women dressed as brides while the women seem to be losing their minds. Bri is astounded by his shirtlessness. Queen Victoria is…being annoying. Sarah might actually pass out. Meanwhile, a whole bunch of ladies are all receiving kisses from the man himself. 

“The new season of The Bachelor is taking off…literally,” the voiceover says as Matt sheds his clothes. “And Monday, they’re all in. But you’ve never seen them go all out like this.” 

Twenty-four women remain after Matt’s relatively drama-free night one, and it sounds like things are not going to remain drama-free for long—especially as we head into one-on-ones and massive wedding-themed group dates. 

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