Machine Gun Kelly Apparently Shaved His Head And Is Sporting A Massive Head Tattoo

Machine Gun Kelly may need to rebrand himself as “the Bald Don.”

The musician and “twin-flame” to Megan Fox shared a photo of his enormous head tattoo this week in a social media post declaring that he’d shaved his head.

The move is a bit of a departure for the artist born as Colson Baker. He still calls himself the “Blonde Don” online because of his formerly wild blond locks and has also been seen rocking green hair, various shades of blond, and even various iterations of a mohawk.

The post of Kelly’s bald head also promoted the music video for “papercuts,” the first single from his upcoming album, “Born With Horns.” The video was directed by Cole Bennett, who is also featured in the image Kelly posted online.

While Kelly says he shaved his head, some fans in the comments were skeptical, saying there was “no way” he’d actually do it, while others suggested it was a bald cap.

Others compared Kelly’s new ’do to that of Aang from “The Last Airbender” — and honestly, we can’t unsee it.

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