Juan Williams: ‘Extremism Among Republicans Is Paralyzing Congress’

Juan Williams, Fox News’ left-leaning political analyst who departed “The Five” talk panel last week, took another defiant step away from his network’s right-wing attitude.

In a Memorial Day essay for The Hill titled “GOP Extremism Is Poisoning The Nation,” Williams blamed Republicans for fueling the nation’s divisiveness and halting progress in Congress.

While recent hate attacks and mass shootings reflect the country’s deep divisions, the many Republicans still believing Donald Trump’s “big lie” that the election was stolen exacerbate the tension, according to Williams.

“How can so many Republicans still believe the ‘Big Lie,’ almost five months after President Biden was inaugurated following Congress certifying Biden’s national victory by 74 electoral college votes and more than seven million popular votes?” he wrote. “And why do 57 percent of Republicans think of Democrats, their fellow Americans, as their ‘enemies,’ according to a February CBS/YouGov poll?”

“This extremism among Republicans is paralyzing Congress,” Williams concluded. “It can’t find the votes to better regulate guns. It can’t fix a broken immigration system.”

Williams ripped the GOP-compromised Congress for not reaching a deal to fix the nation’s infrastructure or to protect the right to vote.

“Last week, Congress hit a new low,” he wrote. “It blocked a commission to investigate the attempted overthrow of the U.S. government. Now that is dysfunction.”

In an apparent self-own for his network, Williams added that the “ongoing power of the ‘Big Lie’ is fed daily with conspiracy talk and misinformation by social media, talk radio and cable opinion shows.”

Williams, who remains at the channel as a political analyst, often clashed with Greg Gutfeld and other co-hosts on “The Five.”

Earlier in May, he wrote another essay warning Republicans that their loyalty to Trump would result in more political defeats down the road.

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