Ex-GOP Rep. Tells Republicans: Ditch ‘Patron Saint Of Sore Losers’ Donald Trump

Comstock urged her Republican colleagues to ditch the former president —who she mockingly described as the “patron saint of sore losers” — if they wanted win elections. Trump lost the White House. The GOP also lost control of the House and Senate during his time in office.

Comstock served in the House from 2015 to 2019. Last month, she quipped that if Trump “disappeared tomorrow I don’t think you’d have many Republicans in the search party.”

A key step forward for her party should be a thorough investigation into the U.S. Capitol riot, said Comstock. Republicans should “be at the forefront of seeking answers on the insurrection and diminishing the power of QAnon and the other conspiracy theories that Mr. Trump has fueled.” Instead, Republicans have opposed a bipartisan commission to probe the violence.

“He is not the future, and Republicans need to stop fearing him,” Comstock wrote of Trump. “He will continue to damage the party if we don’t face the Jan. 6 facts head-on.”

“Republicans need to have more faith in their policies and stop being afraid of a dangerous and diminished man who has divided the country and now divides our party,” she concluded. “Reconsider the commission, let the investigation go ahead, and run and win in 2022 on the truth.”

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