ESPN talked to both Dan Orlovsky, Kirk Herbstreit after firestorm surrounding Justin Fields

A couple of ESPN hosts got called to the principal’s office last week.

While neither Dan Orlovsky nor Kirk Herbstreit will be placed in time-out for their brief dust-up on Twitter, ESPN has “addressed the issue” with both analysts after Orlovsky’s comments on quarterback Justin Fieldsper the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson.

Orlovsky made waves last week when he shared some incendiary comments surrounding Ohio State quarterback Fields on “The Pat McAfee Show,” including information from an unnamed source that questioned Fields’ attitude and work ethic.

While Orlovsky defended Fields during his spot on the show, saying that his main concern was Fields’ mechanics, he still got heat for passing along questionable information and perpetuating his anonymous source’s comments. Some view the “attitude” and “work ethic” concerns as a racial stereotype attached to Black quarterbacks.

Orlovsky later clarified his comments on Fields on Twitter and effusively praised the quarterback. 

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Colleague Herbstreit was none too pleased with Orlovsky’s comments, leading to an angry tweet on April 1.

Herbstreit’s tweet reads:

“Absolutely RIDICULOUS. Even if YOU aren’t saying it… to pass that along from ‘people in the know’ is reckless and absurd!! Embarrassing!!”

Fields’ draft stock has seemingly been dropping after widely being considered to be QB2 in the 2021 NFL Draft before the start of the college season.

Here’s hoping Orlovsky learned his lesson during NFL draft season.

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