Dennis Prager to Newsmax: Leftists Have Never Allowed Dissent

There has never been a time in history where leftists have come to power and allowed dissent from their narrative, radio host and PragerU co-founder Dennis Prager told Newsmax on Thursday.

“I have studied the left since I was in graduate school at Columbia University. I learned Russian in order to read Pravda, the Soviet Communist newspaper. I have studied the left all of my life. There was no instance since Vladimir Lenin in 1917 that the left has come to power and allowed dissent,” Prager told “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

“So these people are not liberals. Liberals do allow dissent. They are leftists, and leftists do not allow dissent. There was no exception since 1917. Americans are apparently OK with this — or at least half of America, the ones that vote left. It is a tragedy of … unspeakable dimensions,” Prager continued.

PragerU, a nonprofit that creates videos promoting American values and distributes them on its website and on social media, has been targeted by leftist monitoring organizations such as NewsGuard for “disinformation.” NewsGuard uses its ratings system to pressure advertisers to boycott companies with which it disagrees. Most recently, video-streaming service JW Player bent to pressure and stopped servicing PragerU.

NewsGuard gave PragerU a red light, which indicates misinformation, for saying that the word “vaccine” has been “retranslated or reinterpreted,” and JW Player used NewsGuard as an excuse for ceasing to host PragerU, Prager said.

In response to host Rob Schmitt’s claim that the left wants to silence its opponents because it can’t handle opposing views, Prager said that the reason leftists protest when conservative speakers visit universities is that “we can undo in 90 minutes what they indoctrinate over four years; and, of course, they would never acknowledge that deep down, they know it.”

“Truth is far more powerful than lies,” Prager stated.


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