Dems Using Abortion Issue to Defend Their Majority Control

North Carolina’s Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper is the head of the Democratic Governors Association, and even if he is not on the ballot this November, many of his Democrat colleagues are.

And like many Democrats, Cooper is striving to make these midterm election campaigns about abortion, Axios reported.

“North Carolina has become a safe place in the southeastern United States for women to come to get treatment and get reproductive healthcare,” Cooper told Axios. “I’ve been able to stop extreme legislation that Republicans would pass.

“I am going to be working to maintain that number of Democrats that I need [for] the state legislature to be able to sustain my veto.”

Democrats, facing the historical reality of a midterm wave against the party controlling the White House, are attempting to regain some ground in polls by making these midterm elections about abortion.

Meanwhile, as the NBC News’ poll Sunday showed, Republicans are going to be voting on the economy. That is a tough sell for Democrats under President Joe Biden, so fighting for abortion will be the focus.

Cooper is a red state Democrat governor who vows to veto Republicans’ “cruel and extreme” restrictions on abortion, telling Axios, “but I need enough senators to uphold it.”

Republicans need to pick up two seats in the Senate and three seats in the House to have the votes to override Cooper’s veto, according to the report.

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) wants to keep the midterm voting emphasis on the struggling economy under Biden.

“The RSLC is staying focused on defending our razor-thin state legislative majorities and going on offense in Democrat strongholds where voters are sick of one-party rule that is exacerbating the destruction President Biden is doing to the national economy,” RSLC Communications Director Andrew Romeo told Axios.

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