Catbird Birth Flower Charms Launch: Valentine’s Gifts

You can find NYC-based Catbird‘s delicate pieces the world over, from the halls of Buckingham Palace to the streets of Brooklyn. While it counts Meghan Markle, Taylor Swift, and Emma Watson among its many fans, Catbird doesn’t come with the A-list price tag one might expect from this star-studded roster. The brand’s best-selling stackable rings and minimalist hoops, fashioned from ethically sourced materials, have garnered somewhat of a cult following, in large part due to its designs starting at under $100 (the duchess’s Threadbare Ring, for example, is just $44). Aside from its beloved Holy Cannoli charm, Catbird’s latest capsule collection might just be the sweetest yet, and it certainly beats the classic bouquet as a gifting pick for Valentine’s Day.

Earlier this week, Catbird launched its Poetry of Flowers collection featuring hand-engraved birth flower charms crafted from 14K recycled gold, with prices ranging from $158 to $178. Each piece has an original drawing of the flower associated with its specific month (snowdrops for January, for example, daisies for April, roses for June) with its meaning etched on the backside. Chief Creative Officer Leigh Plessner describes these charms as little snow globes filled with lots of unique details.

“We had been searching for a way to express time, seasons, and birth months while allowing for openness of choice and motion across a collection,” Plessner tells R29. “Birth flowers are a lovely tradition that incorporates floriography, the language and meaning of flowers, and seasonality.” Her personal favorite: Lily of the valley, which is paired with May, the month in which they bloom.

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