Bryce Hall Addresses Josie Canseco Rumors After Addison Rae Split

Bryce admitted, “So, so, yes but the answer is yes for both,” seemingly referring to Addison as well. 

Though Bryce was discreet, Dave said they now know the answer and thought the truth was crystal clear. Yet, he later asked Bryce if he and Addison have hooked up in the past month, and Bryce just smiled and said they were trying to “set me up.”

So, what went down between him and Addison that led to the end? Bryce shared his side of things earlier on in the chat.

He claimed that he was the one to call it off with Addison, 20, following rumors that he cheated on her during a trip to Las Vegas at the end of February. He’s denied the allegations.

“I’ll be honest. I ended it,” Bryce said. “I was completely stressed out with, like, dude, I paid so much money in lawyer fees to get all this f—king bulls—t off of my plate.” He explained he got his attorneys involved to try to shut down the cheating claims. 

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