Bachelorette Katie Thurston Broke Up With [Spoiler] Before Overnights

Unlike Ben Higgins, Katie Thurston did not tell two people she loved them during The Bachelorette finale.

In the dramatic season finale on Aug. 9, Katie had a mind-blowing overnight with Blake Moynes, which made the 30-year-old bank marketing manager realize that she was in love with the wildlife manager. This revelation came at an inconvenient time as Justin Glaze was waiting in the wings for his own overnight date.

Rather than lead on the investment sales consultant, Katie chose to end things with a candid conversation. “You know, I was looking forward to today,” a somber Katie said to her suitor. “However, I did have my overnight with Blake. And in that I did tell him that I’m falling in love with him.”

As she continued, Katie explained that she was resolved in only telling one person she was in love with them, and, thus, “It wouldn’t make sense to have us move forward and go on this date.”

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