2 Moments From Mike Lindell’s 72-Hour Fraud Fest You Must See To Believe

Mike Lindell vowed to stay awake for all 72 hours of his marathon online “Cyber Symposium” ― an incongruous claim for a guy who sells bedding.

But this was about the MyPIllow CEO’s side gig of promoting Donald Trump’s election lies ― and there was no rest for him.

In a moment that aired on the right-wing network OANN, Lindell was told the symposium was about to break for lunch, and he wasn’t having it.

“There’s no breaks,” he yelled. “We’re streaming 72 hours! Livestreaming, around the world. This never stops!”

Addressing the audience at the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, event, he declared: “You guys can go eat. That’s fine, but I ain’t eating! I’m staying up here for 72 hours before they ruin our signal!”

Lindell exited the stage a few minutes later, but quickly returned, The Daily Beast reported.

In another odd moment, Lindell set out to prove how hacking can happen. So he asked the audience to vote for CNN or Fox News as the most destructive influence on the nation. He then promised to have a hacker flip the results.

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